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I can point you out a sources of MLM or Networking Marketing leads that you at your finger tips - NO WARM MARKET!

Guest Post by David Williams

Another source of leads that you have not thought about before and how
to use them   

Just today I was on linkedin, (and FYI linkedin is not the source for these leads).
I’m rather new using it, my only experience prior was creating profiles for
companies and top leaders. 

I have a friend who is earning north of 10K per month very casually
recruiting on linkedin by just dropping in to groups and adding value. 

Nothing else. 

No ads, no tacky self-promotion, just adding value to various discussions. 
Anyway, here I was saying hello to someone new, and I wrote something
about a drip list. 

I made the cardinal sin of using jargon and expecting everyone to know what
it means. 

This fellow whom I was commenting to, came back saying he did not know
what a drip list was.

First, let me say that it’s always better to ask – there is no such thing as
a dumb question. 

Someone who asks questions will go to the top, that’s a success trait.
Let me share a bit of my response, slightly edited, and then let me tell you
a secret source of leads for your drip list.

A drip list...

The idea is that you drip on people. 

Like a tap dripping water.

Eventually if you hear a dripping tap you will get up and pay it some attention.

Here’s how it goes.

Over time you collect leads/prospects who don't say NO but who don't say YES.
So you have them on a list, usually an email address list, but sometimes
you get real addresses. 
For now, let’s just talk about email address.

Each week, (or more often) you send this list, (your drip list) an email message.

It’s not hard, pretty easy on your part, you just keep sending until they join
or unsubscribe.

I have seen people sign up 6 months later, even a year later, because
someone just kept dripping on them.

One of my old team members, Marty, wrote me:

“I did what you taught, and kept all of my leads, even the crappy leads
that you told me not to buy. 

I decided to send out those email messages that you wrote for us, not
expecting much. 

I think I might have been the only one who did it. However, within two weeks,
I had a sign up. 

That was after 3 emails sent.  But what was really interesting was the
fact that I have had people join up after getting them 6 months and
even 1 year later. 

Now I have a new system: I try and close those in the loop,
but move the rest to my drip list and wait for them to call me. 

I have edited some of your messages, here and there, and by now figured
out how to write more myself. 

I think I have the hang of it, and my team uses both yours and those
in your new book. 

After reading 70 of yours it was a lot easier to know how to write them. 

One guy even told me he would join if I let him use ‘my’ emails. 
I had to tell him they were not even mine!  He’s been in MLM for
a long time and said he never had seen such a good campaign. 

Thanks again”

(Thank you Marty for sharing this)

You get the point, the key is you will find people join up
months later, if just keep dripping on them. 

You don’t know their situation – they may love their upline now,
but not so much 4 months from now. 

They may love their products now, but not so much later. 
Anything can change. 

The trick is for you to be the one constant in their life, with
great communication.

So, you can be constant, but you need great communication.

Ok, so let me tell you about my unexpected lead discovery,
and how you can do the same to find a big glut of leads for
your drip list.

I got the idea as I read an old success book.

I wish I could remember the name of the book, but it escapes

In it was a story about a young man who joins an insurance
agency to sell.

He’s new, excited, and on his first day at the office shows up
all eager to start.

He’s greeted by all the old hands, the old sales guys, smoking
cigars and up to their necks in cynicism. 

“What do I do?  How do I start? He asks.

One of the old timers, laughing to himself, points to the aging
filing cabinet in the corner, covered with dust.

“Call all those old clients and old leads, and ask each one if they’re
now ready to purchase insurance”

The rest of the room laughed under their breath, but the young
man only hears the idea and not the laughter, and rolls up his
sleeves happy to have a plan.

By the end of the month he’s sold more policies than all of the

At the sales meeting none of the old timers believes that he got
his leads from those old files.

But the fact is that while at one time those leads were not ready
for insurance, times and circumstances have changed for them. 

Most were still ‘no’s’ but enough were yes’s that he got top spot
for that year.

I got to thinking about this. 

I know I was dripping on my leads, but where could I get more?

Then I thought of all of those people that come and go in our

I called some of my dead downline and asked if I could have their
old purchased leads, (which meant them giving me access to
their back office).

Some said yes, some said yes if I placed anyone who joined
under them, some said yes for a fee, which I agreed if I was able
to sponsor anyone from their list.

Some said no, and decided to get active again!

So I added my emails to their back office and started my drip

Sure enough, with all of those leads, I got sign ups.

It got really good.

Now, I have now taught companies or top leaders to do this with
all of those leads that are wasted in the ‘backoffice’ of people that
move on, but typically no one does anything, or, what they send
is just the usual company written communication, i.e. really just

Virtually all emails that come from corporate are written by kids
without any experience – I’ve seen it with my own eyes. 
So, if you have dead downlines, you need to find a way to access
their old leads, email address I’m referring to here.
Make a deal, ask, trade products, but get access and start dripping.

The key is to drip.

Second key is what to say.

You need to send WIIFM – What’s In It For Me messages – not
about YOU, your company, its history, how long it’s been around,
if it’s in the DSA, or its latest corporate VP’s donation to starving

Second, these messages need to be fun, interesting, captivating,
informative and persuasive.

If you can’t do this buy both of my books – you will have 70 email
messages that way and by using them you will figure out how to
write your own. 

Both of them together will set you back less than 20 bucks.
I am not a copywriter by trade, I’m a networker – but I always think
as if I am in my prospects head. 

You are never going to be perfect at it, but you can get good.
What keeps them awake at night?

Why did they leave their last company?

These are the types of messages you will find in my emails.

I can tell you they work and you can use them. 

If you don’t have a drip list, (and I can’t believe you don’t), you need
to start one now.  Today.

Don’t waste all those leads, and don’t waste your leads with company
produced emails.
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Very best,


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Why testimonials can kill our best people... crazy true story...for MLM and Network Marketing pro's only!

Guest Post by David Williams

“Whatever happened to that guy who was on the stage last month?”   

“You know, the one who hit Gold in only 6 weeks and made $21,000?”

Let me tell you this story.

This was early in my networking career.  I think about my 8th month.

I was new but acted with the confidence of the young.

Once again, it was a 4 hour drive to another regional training, and I
had taken about 8 people via two cars to attend, and there was lots
 of snow.

I think we only had two prospects, the rest of us were distributors.
We got up pretty early, since these things start at 9AM, and if you
want a good seat, you have to be there well before.

We were pretty excited and full of coffee – and to be honest, really
happy to be there. 

We took pride to attend every major meeting within driving distance.
And it paid off.

But back to my story.

We got in, found good seats up near the front, and I had all 8 of us
together.  Did the intro thing with my prospects so they met all the
key ‘players’.

The training got off with a mini-BOM – Business Opportunity Meeting
and that lead to the testimonials.

Now as you know, regional trainings or events can lead to some
pretty good testimonials, better than the normal ones we hear at
the local meetings.

But all of a sudden, this guy is up there and sharing how he got to
the – I’ll call it the ‘GOLD’ level – you can fill in the name for your
company – usually 2nd or 3rd from the top, in his first month. 

Let’s just say something that seemed impossible for those of us who
had been in for a while. 

And this guy was here in this town, breaking records in his first month! 
Earned 21k and the crowd is cheering like mad!

I can’t remember any more of the training, but I did remember the
trip home. 

4 hours.

My prospects were in the other car for the drive, so we distributors
could speak freely.

All we could think about was that one person achieved in 4 weeks
what I had done in 8 months.  And I worked bloody hard!

As we drove back, all we did was reconsider all of our moves, plans,
goals, lead generation methods etc. thinking perhaps that what we
were doing was ‘all wrong’ and that clearly someone else has the
‘secret formula’ that is just not being shared with us.

We were comparing our success with this guy, and coming up short!
My upline, who was pretty experienced, had not come, so we did
all the thinking on our own.

I wished I knew what I knew now.

“What were we doing wrong?”

You know, it’s very easy to fall into this trap.

Often it’s hard to control this feeling in your team – especially when
one of those wacky stories prances across the stage.

Some leaders love this – they use these stories to ‘motivate’ their
team – “If he can do it, so can you!”


Is that how you would motivate your child?

“Come on Timmy, you know that Robert down the street is getting
‘A’s – it’s the same school, the same books, the same teacher – the
only difference is you Timmy, (you’re a loser!)”

Now, I added the loser part because that is the unspoken end to
that ‘motivating sentence’.

But it’s really old school motivation. 

Dinosaur motivation.

It’s not how to motivate your child, and it’s not how to motivate a
spouse either.

“Look at her honey, wow, if you ate a lot less you might look half
as good her. WOW, what a knock out!”

Right.  That will work.

So why is it still used in networking?

Testimonials (now called social proof) are good to show that products
work and that people make money.

But they should not be used as whips or comparisons for everyone
to match.

First, everyone has to pay their price for success in MLM or networking.

Some people just paid that price in a prior MLM.

So it seems as if their story is magic, but you don’t realize that they
brought over a team, planned out their first month’s story, lined up
all their ducks in a row, and executed that plan with a lot of help
from their upline.

I’ve nothing against that – I would do the same if I was to join up
and start over – but I would NOT use my story as an ‘I did it so
you are nothing if you can’t either’ tool.

Often what happens is people go home and give up.

They see that if someone can go from zero to hero in a month, and
they are still at zero after 6 months, of course they will quit.

Perhaps they were a great retailer, someone who was always on
the calls, or at the meetings with a great retail story or product
testimonial, but now they are gone.

Gone because someone told them that they need to compare their
success with someone else’s.

Yet they were really moving product, earning a good retail income,
(from their point of view), and were happy meeting their own

Now they feel as if they are losers – because a rare story is being
held up as what is considered good.

That is stinkin thinkin.

Sure we compete, but we compete with ourselves.

We should be competing with our own record.

Do more each day – more than we did the day before, not more
than the other guy.

What to know how that story ended, the guy with the amazing
first month?

Very quietly, eight months later, all the product was returned.
I never heard the real story behind it, but it was some kind of attempt
to game the system.

Not important.

But the key lesson I learned was to NOT compare myself to others
but to compare myself to my own record.

The second key lesson I learned – over time – was that these fast
start stories usually were from folks who had been in networking

They worked hard in the past, and now were reaping it in a new

That’s ok, but understand its not magic dust that they have – it’s
just that they did not give up on themselves – they just joined your
company, and that’s saying something good about where you are!

So motivate yourself and your team to beat their own records, to
better themselves based on themselves, and to do so will make
them better at what they do and keep them on track.

If you have not yet replied and told me what company you are in,
pls do, and tell me your home city.

If I can help please email me.

If my books can help you find new prospects, invest in them.
Learning pays off so well!



Now, if you are wondering where to find people to talk
to, try reading a few of my books, and you’ll find you
never need to buy another lead again.

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The rudest, meanest, thing my upline every said - a network marketing MLM first!

Guest post from David Williams MLM Author

It was the rudest and meanest thing that I ever heard my upline say –
 and he was the top income earner for our company.

It was a summer month, a nice Saturday morning, well, noon by now, and I had driven 2 hours to a city where my company had a ‘regional training’ event.

I had two prospects with me.

The highlight was a 45 minute training by the top income earner of our company.

Now this was a stair-step plan and I was at the first breakaway level and had a lot of my team there.

We were pretty disciplined about events and nearly everyone came. 
There were over 2000 people in the hotel room.

Because it was the top income earner, $500,000 a month or more, it was well attended by everyone.

His training was very simple, it was always the same, and he stayed on track.

No tangents or ‘fairy dust’ – (fairy dust is an M L M term for someone selling some kind of recruiting video, training pack, or ‘just buy this and all your worries will be over’ type of ‘tool’). 

I never liked those fairy dust trainers, they only confused my people.
This guy was very straight forward.

A broke ex-waiter or something like that, before networking, who borrowed his way in to buy products.

He was in my upline, only about 7 positions above me, but he did not know me.

(Actually he started sending me Christmas cards once I hit the top position in the plan, he knew what he was doing)

Now he had a good story.

He did a lot of successful sampling in his first month, and spoke to everyone he knew, (the days before social networking!).

He had a good first month, third month, and first year. 

His training was very good, basic but complete.

I’m telling you this before I get to the rude part, because I want you to realize that the training he did was perfect in its own right.

Now, you know how those events end, you meet with your prospects first, then your peoples prospects, and lastly your team.

By now it was about 40 minutes after the event was over, and most of us were outside in a very large hall.

Everyone was dressed up in their ‘Sunday best’.

Now, most people were gone, the leaders were still around, until the last prospect or newbie was packed off happy, and you made sure your key leaders were on track.

There must have been only about 30 people in the hall, as the hotel staff had kicked out everyone from the main room.

By that time the key note speaker, the top income earner for the company, had broken away from the last of the little crowd that had surrounded him.

He was crossing the floor, no doubt to escape to his hotel room for a break, (or to hammer the phone, knowing him!), when a nicely dressed, middle aged woman accosted him.

This was a nice lady, in fact she looked like Judy Dench, the lady who plays ‘M’ in the current James Bond movies.

She was shorter than our top performer, but very sweet looking.
He, on the other hand, was normally a well-mannered guy. 

Polite and suave.

Suave, yes, that was the word for the guy. 


I’ll call him Rory, not his real name.

So here is Rory, striding across the floor, 6’2” suddenly stopped in his tracks by this nice, well dressed, smiling, middle aged lady.

“Oh Rory, thank you so much for that training, I learned so much and I just think you are wonderful”

“Thank you very much”

“Can I just ask you one question, just one question, please?”


“What is the ONE thing, just the one thing, I should do if I want to be as successful as you?”

Now, everyone stopped talking in that hall.

Everyone wondered what Rory would say.

He, after all, just completed a 45 minute training on how he achieved his success, so everyone wanted to know what that ‘one thing more’ answer was going to be.

Rory just looked at the woman, stopped smiling, and said, (and I’ll never forget this):

“Yes, talk to someone else, because I’m already sponsored” and then he just walked away.


You could hear a pin drop.

Most of us were digesting what was just said.

No one treats anyone badly – especially at that level.

But to be fair, we just had a full training from Rory, nothing held back, yet this woman thought there was some secret sauce that he would share with her, something that had eluded her so far.

Well, perhaps he did.

As mean as it sounded, I thought about his answer the entire 2 hour drive back to my city.

By the end of the trip, I stopped thinking about how rude it sounded, or how mean it could have been taken, and I just realized that it was the most profound, important and complete a training that I have ever heard.

Do I have to say more?

Do you get it too?


“Talk to someone else, I’m already sponsored”

Now, if you are wondering where to find people to talk to, try reading a few of my books, and you’ll find you never need to buy another lead again.

All the best for you and your business,

David Williams MLM Author

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Where I fish - Where I prospect - and MLM bullies - Bad uplines!

Guest Post by David Williams MLM Author Amazon

I want to tell you about a friend of mine – an M L M pro that just lost heart in his upline – the company top earner – and how or why it happened. 

Now – it was not easy for my buddy to make a decision to move on from a company whose products he loves, because of a sponsor he doesn’t.
Now, don’t get me wrong – this guy is not the type that needs a sponsor in the tradition sense. 
I’d call him a big shot veteran in his own right.
But, there are times when your upline starts sending out the wrong message to YOUR downline, and the rest of the company that is just, well, dumb.
In this case, the upline is the company high earner, so whatever he says appears to be right.
After all, he’s top dog.
That’s logical, after all.
If you are at the top, you must be right.
However, if you ask a logistician, they’ll tell you that is not true at all.
It makes sense, and it is often true, but it’s not always the case.
In fact, I have often found that I learned more from watching or learning what people Did/Do to achieve success, than listening to them after trying to pontificate.
It’s sad, but often people don’t know why they were successful, or what they did in the past is no longer practical.

Junk Faxes

If you earned millions selling fax machines, great, but don’t tell me about fax machines.
In the case in point here, the upline is dwelling on old fashioned, obsolete ‘hard sell’ methods for networking that may have worked in the 80’s, but not today.
But that’s not all.
This person is teaching the entire company to not use the Internet.
Look, that’s just dumb.
The internet is here to stay.
The way we connect to it will change, from desktops to laptops to mobiles and tablets, to watches and glasses – who knows how we use it - but the net itself here to stay.
It’s a means of communication, that’s all.

Just Dumb

So, it’s just dumb to not use it.
So, who is the type to suggest the net is not a good place to be?
Those who can’t change.
Yet change is a constant in our lives.
Times change.
Because time changes, every second!
We need to ‘get with the times’, not stay with a time we loved in the past.
And as hard as that is, it’s something winners must do.
So, where does all of this leave us?
There are times when you have to move.
There are times when you can’t fight city hall and must vote with your feet.
No one likes to leave a good company, but there are those times.
When you have made that mental decision, just do it.
It is easier to start over than to bail out the Titanic.
It’s easier to give birth than to raise the dead.

I hope you don’t have to ever go through this sort of situation, but if you do, move fast, make a clean break, and get started in your new endeavor.

She builds only using Linkedin

Now, I do get questioned about online and offline often.
‘David, what is better, to work online or offline?”
Look, I do promote offline prospecting, because I like to fish using ways that no one else does, because I find that if you do everything that everyone else does, it stops working just because of overuse.
For example online leads.  I’m sick of them, yet I know that you can prospect online, but that is not the same as buying online leads.
You can also fish on Facebook too, if you know how.
I have a friend who is a top income earner who fishes only on Linkedin.
She is a pro at it.

Where do I fish?

My position is simple.
I am a believer in simple.
I like no competition, and I don’t want to fish in a pond full of other fishermen, when I can fish in an ocean.
Because people tend to want to fish in the same place they were swimming in when you prospected them.
It makes sense.
‘How did you get my name?’
‘How did you find me?’
No matter what you say, they want to try the same way.
So I like things like direct mail, (like in my postcard system outlined in my book – details at the end of this email).
Or my really cool offline recruiting method for building under Doctors – (outlined in my book How to Recruit Doctors).

When do I use the Net?

Now, AFTER I find a prospect, I use the net and online methods to follow up, to educate, to drip on, in fact I have two books full of really great email messages that you can use for your drip list.
You can send these to anyone – it doesn’t matter if you found them online or offline – it is much easier to follow up online. 
I have another way of offline promoting that is great for flyers, etc., which I need to write about.
These are all secret methods that are not taught to the field normally.
Why, because typically no one wants to teach methods that work. 
I know that sounds dumb, (and it is), but this is a competitive world.

Why listing to your heavy hitting upline can screw you up

Heavy hitters use one method to find you and teach you a different method for you to find others.
You know that is the case.
Sometimes they say it’s because you are not ready.
Bah, humbug.
My methods of fishing in the ocean allows you to make a few mistakes, because the system pulls well and there are so many fish in the sea.
And if you combine it with dripping on the ‘not now’ people with my emails – well, you’ll really prosper.

So why do people promote online leads and why do people buy them?

Well, typically your upline gets a cut of the take on your purchase.
Sometimes they don’t know any better.
And you buy them because in two minutes you have a bunch of fresh leads.
(so called fresh!)
My methods take a few days, but once you start, it can provide you with a never ending flow of people, who all follow you and do the same.
You see folks are naturally interesting in duplication. 
But most folks have been in and out of one M L M or another and don’t trust lead systems so they won’t join you unless they like HOW you found them.
That’s why my methods work.

So, don’t be silly and give up on the Internet, use it.  It’s a tool.
But at the same time – consider fishing where few people are, and where there is an ocean of fish looking for you.
All the best for you and your business,
David Williams MLM Author

How to Prospect and Recruit using Postcards for your MLM or Network Marketing Business The Low cost Prospecting and Recruiting Tool that Out Performs Online Methods

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

What does an average MLM or Network Marketing Distributor make per year?

Guest post by David Williams MLM Author

I remember getting this question in my first year. 

I was doing pretty good, but flying by the seat of my pants.

The only thing I had going for me was my attitude, because my knowledge was non-existent.

It’s not like I wasn't playing with a full deck, I didn't even have a pack.

So when a prospect asked me what the average MLM distributor earned per year, I had to think quickly.

This was something else I wasn't so good at.

Now, I’m not addle-brained, but I did trip over a cordless phone once.

So, here I am, thinking about this question, and you have to imagine this, how it was…

It was after a meeting, we had something going on in a hotel, and the big presentation was over.

My upline said get your guests in a circle, and ‘close ‘em’.

He was talking to a couple of giggling college girls off a ways, so he was as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle.

I had 5 guests.

They were now sitting in a circle, with me facing them.

I was trying to answer their questions, and to keep control of the group.

As one person was asking me something, the others would lose interest and talk to each other.

Until this question came up.

As soon as it came from this one guests’ lips, everyone shut-up and looked at me.

I’m thinking, then I remembered to repeat the question back, and use that time to think of an answer.

“Does anyone else want to know what the average distributor earns in MLM?”  I ask stupidly.

Oh just great, now I had everyone’s attention, even those not in my ‘circle’, four or five other faces turned our way to listen in.

I’m thinking, ‘average distributor, average distributor…what would they make…nothing much here, I think to myself, suppressing a smile…then it hits me’.

They’re all looking at me… and I say boldly ‘I don’t know what the average MLM distributor earns, but I can tell you here in this company, they don’t earn anything…’

Now everyone is looking at me…

“Average just doesn't cut it in our company, honestly.   If you’re thinking average, it won’t work here.  This is not for average people who want to put in an average effort, speak to people in an average way, follow up in a very average way, and find other average people like them, looking to put in an average effort”

‘No, I can tell you right now, this ain’t the place for average…come on, you were here tonight, you saw the people earning above average incomes, north of $10,000 per month, and some really mega unaverage incomes… that’s what you’re interested in, be honest, so for that kind of money, it takes an unaverage effort, a serious commitment - so that we spend our time training you, working with you, and with those you sponsor, because we know you made an unaverage commitment to success… So, if you’re looking for an above average income, you’re in the right place...if you want to have an average lifestyle, don’t sign up, just go home’ and I passed him our application form with a pen.

I signed up 3 out of 5 that night, and another 2 joined that were in someone else’s team, which had overheard me.

It was at the next meeting that one of the top people came over to talk to me.  He’d been in for a while, and was one of the top producers. 

He took me aside and told me he liked my answer, regarding ‘average distributor’. 

But he told me there is a real answer, and we are not hiding it. 

Next time you can tell people the real answer, as well as speak about the difference between an average effort and an above average effort, he said.

He asked me if I had heard of the DSA?

‘Sure,’ I said, ‘it’s the Direct Sellers Association, and our company is a member, we say it in the presentation all the time.’

That’s right he said.

And it’s not an easy group to join.

It’s pretty exclusive and hard to be a member.

They protect our industry and they protect our customers.

Their whole reputation is based on them being pretty tough and very forceful when it comes to ethics.

So you can take to the bank anything they say, because it’s researched, verified and tested.

Now let’s get to the question that guy asked you about ‘what the average MLM distributor earns’.

‘This is the actual answer, right from their website,’ and he showed me a page in his binder:

It said:

The median gross income for a direct seller is about $2400 per year, or $200 a month. This figure is consistent with one of the major motivations for getting involved in direct selling – supplemental income. About 8% of direct sellers earn more than $50,000 per year.


I was blown away.

I really had no idea.

Here I was always promoting the crazy income – sky-high $10,000 a month and more – and yet, there was clearly a group of people, the majority, who were building a very good part time income. 

I was promoting the big money because that was what excited me. 

I just learned that there was another group of people out there that were seriously in need of an extra $200 or so a month. 

Just learning the truth about what an ‘average’ distributor was earning showed me a whole new market for my business and it opened a lot more doors.

So don’t forget this valuable lesson.

We networkers offer a valuable contribution to those who desperately need a part time income, as well as a vehicle for extraordinary wealth.

Let’s go out there and show people what we offer, and be proud of what we do.